Spirit Animal Workshop: an intentional creative journey. Coming in June! Local & Online

Workshop topics that can be added to any event or pop-up space. These are all a part of The Dreamcatcher Circle membership site!

Spirit Animals

Learn how to discover your lifetime spirit animals as well as the ones that come to help for smaller journeys. You will also have access to meditations and a library of the meaning of many different spirit animals.

Follow The Moon

Learn how to live with intention, manifest with the phases of the moon, create your own self-care rituals, track your own lunar energy, and more.

Create a Magical Home

Discover how to transform your home into a magical place using decluttering techniques, essential oils, space clearing, smudging, imagery, feng shui, colors, and more.

Essential Oils

Fall in love with all sorts of essential oils and learn how to infuse them and diffuse into your life for higher vibration living.

Astrological Fashion

Learn how your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign along with your Chinese Astrological sign can play a role in choosing which clothes, accessories, and jewelry will have you feeling fabulous and in the flow of life all while looking good.

Shift Your Energy

Come play around with different techniques to help you learn how to process and shift your energy in positive ways. The class will introduce you to breathing techniques, oracle cards, singing bowls, meditation, journaling, and more.

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