Imagine that you are standing next to the version of the animal you need. Put your hand on the animal. Know that you are safe.

Imagine the energy you want to tap into coming from the animal and merging with you.

Take a moment to thank the animal and know that you can connect to his energy at any time.

Animal Guides:

Hibernation. Solitude. Alone time. Protection. Mama bear. Grounded. Earthy. Strength. Confidence

Self-mastery comes from hard diligent work. Good luck. Creating sweetness in life. Abundance.

You have everything you need. Abundance. Stability. Prayer and Gratitude.

Two types of energy: Grounded and Content & Strong and Charged up. Which energy showed up or which one do you need?

Transformation. Whimsy. Renewal and rebirth. Lightness of being. Bright colors.

Luck. Mix of independence and affection. Waiting for the right moment to act. Deep sense of self. Curiosity.

Invitation for gentleness and compassion. Possibly towards yourself or another. Regeneration. Sensitivity.

Luck. Love. Protection. Loyalty. Unconditional love, Playfulness. Reliability.

Intelligence. Instincts. Water energy. Going with the flow. Peace. Playfulness. Gentleness.

Efforts aligned with the divine. Soar to unimaginable heights. Seeing the larger picture. Strength and freedom. Sexual energy and mate for life.

Gentle power. Discover your role in your pack. Strength. Family. Royalty.

Trickster. Swiftly maneuvers around obstacles. Quick thinking. Physical prowess. Great at facing sticky situations.

Time to look at the whole picture. Learn to be more discerning. Focus. Power. Vision. Air energy.

Personal drive. Is it wild or tamed? Yin and yang parts of you? Inner strength. Passionate.

Looking for & enjoying the sweetness of life. Lightness of being. Adaptability. Independence and swiftness. Air energy.

Powerful. Strength. Personal power. Assertiveness. Dominate. Regal. King-like.

Resourcefulness. Curiosity and Energy. Allow more playfulness into your life.

Wisdom. Intuition. Sacred Knowledge. Ability to navigate in the dark (metaphor). See what is hidden to most.

Fertility. Creativity. Luck. Abundance. Cleverness. Pay attention to the world around you.

Life force energy (Kundalini). Transformation. Earth energy, Starting fresh. Shedding old ways.

Perseverance. Active Life. Hardworking. Planning ahead. Resourceful.

Slow and steady. Protected. Pace yourself. Long life. Take a break. Longevity. Home is wherever you are.

Protection. Guardian. Be fierce. Lead your pack. Trust your instincts. Social connections. Howl.

Luck. Magic. Fantasy. Manifesting. Beauty. Dreams. Angel connection. Purity.