Slow Down Move Forward Workbook


A guide to discovering what makes you happy, loving yourself as you are right now, learning that you are worthy of your dreams, and creating a plan to make them come true.

If you have ever felt stuck, lost or wondered if this is all there is then you are in the right place and you are not alone. There is hope. You are about to take a break from looking outside of yourself and purposefully look within yourself. This will create a positive shift in your life. The one you have been looking for.

This workbook is 21 pages and is a mix of life coaching and intuitive counseling. See below for testimonials.



Below is a list of sections in this workbook: 


  • tips for using the workbook


  • questions that prompt you to take stock of your life right now and get into the present moment

Have Fun & Draw In

  • a totally fun way to bring your desires into your life

More or Less

  • a cool life coaching practice to help you tap into your inner knowing and discover that you know what you need to do next

Letter to Your Younger Self

  • a shift causing exercise to help you release some suppressed emotions

Go Deeper

  • an opportunity to dive deep into the hopes and dreams of your younger self

Thoughts Become Things

  • mindset shifting exercise to help you create a more positive dialogue with yourself

Releasing Affirmations

  • a list of affirmations that will help you release the negative self-talk you might have grown used to

I AM Meditation

  • a unique exercise that will help your inner voice share the truth about your authentic self

Dream Big

  • a beautiful opportunity for you go bold and discover and write down your dreams, includes a visualization activity

Move Forward

  • this section gives you a chance to reflect on what came up while going through the workbook and includes a section to create daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activities to help you create the change you desire and start living your dream life.


  • links that will aid you in the positive shift you are creating


I really enjoyed the book and I see myself coming back to it even since I’ve done the exercises. I can see doing them again and keeping it like a journal.


This ebook helped me find some clarity around the expectations I have for myself. Thank you!


I found this book super motivating, to really reflect on the aspects of my life that were no longer serving my big goals, and increasing awareness on what I need to reach my goals.