Medicine Woman Reading


Feeling a bit stuck or in need of guidance in a certain area? Or perhaps you would like a self-care ritual created just for you. Either way, this is the opportunity for you! This is my version of email intuitive life coaching and yoga teaching.

If you are interested, click below and enter the following information in the Order Notes box on the checkout page:

  • Area in your life where you are feeling stuck or would like some guidance

Based on your response, I will choose a tarot spread using the Medicine Woman Tarot Deck. Some of these spreads take a broader look and some are more focused. After I do the reading, I will also pull a clarifying oracle card to help give you additional guidance.

I will then send you a summary of your reading that will include a photo of the spread, a photo of each individual card, and a detailed description of the reading. You can see an example here: Medicine Woman Reading Sample

Inside the summary, there might be questions, guided visualizations, and mini-rituals for you to do to tap into your own intuition or add more self-care into your life. You will also be asked to journal to help you get the most out of the reading.

Once you have my response you are welcome to reach out with questions or “aha” moments. You will love having the written reading to refer back to and to offer you guidance as you clear out what is not working and focus on bringing more good into your life.