Bringing Mindfulness to Creatives at Craftcation 2018

I was thrilled to be invited as a presenter at the Craftcation 2018 this last April put on by Nicole Stevenson and Delilah Snell of Dear Handmade Life. This is an extravaganza of crafts, color, fun, and talented and generous people.

The energy of this event is almost indescribable. Also, the effort and vision of its founders blew me away. It was such an impressive event that really brought people together. A lot of the focus was crafting and business but what I picked up on the most was people talking about being around like-minded people, expressing themselves without judgment, and seeing the event as an epic act of self-care.

I was asked to present about Mindfulness for Creatives with my friend Cassie Uhl of Zenned Out Jewelry. We talked about the importance of taking time for yourself and shared a lot of tips similar to what I share on this blog and on social media.

Each day people could sign up for office hours that covered different topics.

I did mini-intuitive business readings and absolutely loved them! Some of the people have continued working with me in my Dreamcatcher Circle program.

I had my tried and true Medicine Woman deck along with these amazing oils from Joyful Roots. The oils help bring people into the present moment and the cards help people think about and view their situations from a more intuitive place.

I also offered Guided Meditations to attendees on the beach. Wow! These were so amazing. I just loved the energy of the people who came and the sounds of the ocean in the background. To be honest, I felt like I could do this all day long!

One of the highlights was listening to Debbie Stoller talk from Bust Magazine. I am a fan of hers and she left me pondering about what to do with my own Kerry Magazine. It was a project of mine before this current space to help show all women as beautiful. It evolved into some pretty interesting issues. You can check it out here:

I love connecting with people I knew from being a presenter at previous conferences like Ami from Flutterbye Prints(above).

I was also on a panel about self-care which is one of my fave topics! I showed up in a bright red dress and a huge flower crown because that is one of the ways I show love for myself, by wearing what makes me feel fabulous. Also, on the panel from left to right is designer, Jeanetta Gonzales, business coach, Alisha Roberston, and Holly Marsh of MarshMueller.

Some takeaways for you would be: getting better at saying no, scheduling downtime, learning to know when you are close to burnout, practicing breathing exercises, decluttering, and taking breaks from social media.

The last evening I was there, I was a part of Wanderings. This is a super fun event where guests and presenters alike are given the opportunity to change their room into a theme for the other attendees to wander in and out of all night. Cassie and I created The Zen Den. We offered DIY essential oil blends, coloring pages, crystal kits and, of course, tarot card reading with me.

I went for 4 hours straight and LOVED the connections, and “aha” moments that happened that evening. I hugged and cried and laughed with people I had just met. When asked how I was able to do this, I told them that I simply created the space for them to feel safe to look within and honestly view the situations they were concerned about. I followed up with everyone about their card a few weeks later to help keep them in the groove of the event.

I made sure I crafted too! Of course, I signed up for the clay moon phase mobile class and a mixed-media macrame wall hanging (above).

If you are a creative business owner or simply someone who loves getting crafty, I encourage you to check out Craftcation in 2019. I am very grateful to have been part of it this year. For more info and photos go here:

Photo cred: Heather Shane Photography

April 2018 – Full Moon Ritual and Meditation

Full Moon Ritual and Meditation

The Moon and Arrow Lodge Facebook page

Sunday April 29th, 2018 – 6:30pm PST/Arizona (7:30pm MST – 8:30pm CST – 9:30pm EST) – it will be approximately 30 minutes.

Bring yourself. If you like you might like to light a candle, burn some incense, diffuse essential oils, put your crystals out to be cleansed in the light of the full moon, have a special drink, etc.

This moon is also called Pink Moon, Planting Moon, and Wind Moon so play around with those. Maybe have some pink flowers or put seeds out under the full moon, or step outside and feel the wind or breeze on your skin.

Make it yours.

Dreamcatcher Class Photos

Wow! Wow! Wow! Two weeks ago I celebrated the launch of The Dreamcatcher Circle with a Catching Dreams: Intentional Creative Workshop. Once again my dear friend and amazing artist, Kristen Fagan, helped a group of women create heartfelt beauty. We began the workshop with breathwork and intention setting. I had each woman come over to use essential oils and their intuition to pick a card to help guide them during the workshop.

Below are the paintings halfway through:


The one above is from my friend, Alesia, who did the workshop online with us!

I love mine soooo much!!!!

We are planning a Spirit Animal one this summer! Be to stay in the loop!!!

Blue Moon & Full Moon Event on March 31st!

We have another Blue Moon this year already!!!  That means the second Full Moon in one month and it happens in the sign of Libra on Saturday.

Bring some crystals and join me for a little yoga & ritual to help you feel balanced!


4pm (Arizona/PST – 5pm MST – 6pm CST – 7pm EST) on Saturday March 31st, 2018


My Facebook page

I’ll send a reminder out in our Facebook Group.



Event: New Moon Intention Setting

I am hosting a New Moon Intention Setting in my Facebook group live on Sunday, March 18th at 4pm PST – (5pm PST – 6pm CST – 7pm EST).
The New Moon is a time for setting an intention for the upcoming moon cycle as well as the next 6 months.
This event will be live but you are welcome to watch and participate later or even within a few days after the event.
– Manifesting with the Moon Workbook (get yours here if you have not already done so:
– pen or pencil
Extras (not required):
– candle
– matches or lighter
– essential oil
What you can expect:
– We will start off with a breathing exercise to get us out of our heads and into our hearts.
– I will go over the energy related to this new moon in regards to astrology. It is in Pisces.
– We will close with a short guided meditation.
– There will be time for questions.
You might like to read the New Moon section of the workbook to get a head start on thinking about your intention.
Looking forward to seeing you!!!

Catching Dreams – Intentional Creative Workshop

Catching Dreams is an intentional creative workshop.

For this workshop, artist Kristen Fagan is teaming up with intuitive life coach Kerry Burki to help launch her upcoming membership site The Dreamcatcher Circle: a nurturing online monthly membership community where busy souls like you can slow down, tune in, discover just how powerful you are, & manifest your dreams.

In this workshop, you will tune into your dreams, your desires, and your intuition. Kerry will guide you on a short meditation journey and mini-tarot card reading beforehand to help you get clear on your dreams and what might be blocking your access to them and Kristen will guide you to create your own dreamcatcher artwork that will hold magical power for your journey ahead.
This workshop is happening during the waxing moon phase. This is the part of the lunar cycle that is energetic. This is a good time to explore actionable steps towards new projects and goals and dreams you wish to see through.
Some believe feathers hanging from a dreamcatcher are a soft ladder for good vibes to glide down.
Through getting clear on your desires and the creation of your dreamcatcher artwork during the waxing moon, you will attract those good vibes and have a visual reminder of those big, beautiful dreams of yours!
Then the work and lessons in The Dreamcatcher Circle will help you make those dreams come true!
Create art as a mindful practice and bring your intention for the coming months into visual form.

Heart full of moonlight

Soul full of dreams

Catching Dreams Workshop Details:

Sunday, March 25th 2018
– Private Location in Scottsdale, AZ (exact location emailed after registration)
1 pm – 4 pm
Supplies included!
Bring a pen and paper or journal.
Have a dream in mind that you are working towards or want to explore.
No experience needed.
All supplies included.
Bring your favorite beverage (BYOB).
Light snacks provided.
Wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on.
– Private Facebook Group – (added after registration)
1 pm – 4 pm
Supplies NOT included!
Have a pen and paper or journal.
Have a dream in mind that you are working towards or want to explore.
No experience needed.
A supplies list will be emailed to you upon registration.
Wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on.

Click Below to Register: