Free Chakra Guided Meditations for you!

I am so excited to share with you these chakra meditations that I made for my friend, Kimberly Kling of Joyful Roots to specifically to accompany her new Triple Spiral Chakra Oils!!

“Kerry creates the most brilliant meditations and these are super simple, yet powerful! By incorporating the power of aromatherapy with your meditations, it will make the impact of the meditations even more potent.”

You can use these meditations as a set by practicing them in order with all three oils, or if you want a quicker meditation you can choose one of the oils and accompanying meditation to dive into that particular intention for the day.


Loving Assurance
Creative Expresssion

Rooted Awareness

Happy Meditating!!!

Note from Kerry:

I encourage you to check out her oils and all of her products! She lives on a ranch in southern Arizona and resources a lot of her ingredients from her garden. She has a passion for natural healing that I think you will adore.

You, however, do not have to have the oils to listen to the meditations. I would suggest picking a theme that you would like to feel and then listen to that meditation. 

Full Moon, Super Moon, Blue Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Wow! A rare event is happening this month and I look forward to sharing it with you!
On January 31st there will be a Full Moon. Since it is the second full moon of the month that makes it a Blue Moon. It will also be closer to the earth than usual so it will appear brighter and bigger making it a Super Moon.
Then in the morning, the moon will pass through the earth’s shadow causing a Lunar Eclipse. This happening on a full moon is rare.
Join me the night before on Tuesday the 30th for a bit of yoga, gratitude, and a guided meditation to help you relax, release stress and tension so you can enjoy the moment and manifest your new moon intention or new year’s goals.
This will be at 7pm MST-Arizona. (6pm PST – 7pm MST – 8pm CST – 9pm EST). 
Kerry Burki

New Moon Circle on Monday in the New Facebook Group!

When I created the Manifesting with the Moon workbook I knew I wanted to create a space where beautiful souls would come together to focus on creating a more intentional life.

People have asked about doing virtual New Moon and Full Moon events so I created a new Facebook group for The Moon & Arrow Lodge.

Hooray! This will be a sacred space to share, dream, slow down, follow the moon, and manifest our desires.

Click here to join the group!

There is also a new Facebook page that I would love it if you could go and “like” and follow if you wish.

Click here to “like” & follow!

To kick it off, I am hosting a New Moon Circle in the group live on Monday, December 18th at 4pm MST – (3pm PST – 5pm CST – 6pm EST).

The New Moon is a time for setting an intention for the upcoming moon cycle as well as the next 6 months. That makes this particular new moon so exciting because it is right before the holidays and the new year.

This event will be live but you are welcome to watch and participate later in the day or even within a few day after the event.

– Manifesting with the Moon Workbook (get yours here if you have not already done so:
– pen or pencil

Extras (not required):
– candle
– matches or lighter
– essential oil

What you can expect:
– We will start off with a breathing exercise to get us out of heads and into our hearts.
– I will go over the energy related to this new moon in regards to astrology. It is in Sagittarius.
– We will go through the exercise in the workbook.
– We will close with a short guided meditation.
– There will be time for questions.

You might like to read the New Moon section of the workbook to get a head start on thinking about your intention

You can RSVP here:

Looking forward to seeing you on Facebook!!!

New Moon In Scorpio – Ritual, Breath, & Prayer


Tomorrow is a New Moon in Scorpio. 

The energy around this is can be shadowy and mysterious.

What has been going on under the surface for you lately?

Does something need to bubble up or does it feel appropriate to have a bit of mystery.

Tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday might be a nice time to set a time aside to explore the questions above.


Before you explore the questions above possibly tune in first with your breath.

Try the Ida Nadi Breath aka Lunar Breath.

Simply close your right nostril with the first two fingers of your right hand and inhale and exhale through the left nostril, only for 8 to 10 breaths. Allow your eyes to close. Pause after and take some deep breaths through both nostrils. Notice how you feel. 

Ida is regarded as the lunar nadi (channel) in your subtle energy body. It controls all mental processes and the more feminine aspects of your personality. (I am sharing a short video of this breath on Instagram Stories – it will be available for 24 hours.)


With the holidays coming up it might be nice to end your New Moon ritual with a prayer.

Ask God/Universe/Spirit to help you view yourself and others with a tremendous amount of grace.

Try to have grace in relation to the shadow self and mysterious parts of both yourself and others during this time.

You can also get the new Manifest with the Moon workbook I just released along with this new website for The Moon & Arrow Lodge to help you set an intention for this moon cycle.